Everyone knows that quitting smoking is good for your physical health, but did you know it is also great for mental health as well? Most smokers will tell you that smoking improves their mood, helps ease anxiety, and helps them deal with stress. This is all true to a point, but there is a reason.

Smoking changes the way the chemicals in the brain work. Fewer chemicals are produced that relieve stress and anxiety in the brain of a smoker. Because you are addicted to smoking, the act of smoking does feel like it is relieving your anxiety and stress. However, the stress and anxiety are actually being caused by your smoking.

While quitting smoking might help your mental health in the long run, in the short term it can seem to make things worse. The craving for a cigarette can make you irritable, stressed out, and cause high anxiety. It can keep you from sleeping properly, making you have insomnia or making you sleep too much to get away from the craving.

One way to eliminate some of the stress of quitting smoking is to vape. Vape pens are very inexpensive and can really help relieve some of the symptoms of going without cigarettes. For many people the act of vaping helps replace that habit of smoking a cigarette. The action tricks the mind into thinking that it is getting what it wants, even though the nicotine and tar are no longer part of the equation.

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