Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies Launch Healthy Minds Initiative

Healthy Minds Brings Together Researchers and Data to Solve Mysteries of the Brain, Commits Key Research Programs to Public Sector, and Addresses Stigma

Healthy Minds Brings Together Researchers and Data to Solve Mysteries of the Brain, Commits Key Research Programs to Public Sector, and Addresses Stigma

Titusville, NJ, November 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (“Janssen”) today announced the launch of Healthy Minds, a comprehensive initiative to accelerate progress in the fight against brain disorders that affect millions of people around the world.  Healthy Minds includes a significant new commitment by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of $3 million in direct and challenge contributions to the International Mental Health Research Organization (IMHRO) (www.imhro.org), to support One Mind for Research (1mind4research.org), a program of IMHRO that fosters neuroscience research, education, and awareness-building programs.

As part of the Healthy Minds efforts, Janssen will become the first private-sector partner to support the One Mind for Research program, which was started by former U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Garen Staglin, Vice President, Board of Directors, IMHRO.  Janssen will contribute $2 million in cash to IMHRO for the One Mind for Research program and $1 million in matching funds for donations raised by IMHRO for the One Mind for Research program from other private-sector partners.  Janssen plans to participate in the program’s efforts to create collaborative neuroscience networks and data-sharing programs that enhance basic discovery and speed clinical translation.

Janssen plans to work with One Mind for Research to develop research programs, expand data sharing among scientists and physicians focused on the brain or central nervous system, break down barriers to understanding the molecular and cellular origins of mental and neurologic disorders, and help combat the stigma faced by those affected by brain diseases.
The goal of One Mind for Research is to help to de-stigmatize mental-health conditions and improve understanding of their molecular and cellular origins.  IMHRO is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the health and functioning of people who suffer from brain or central nervous system disorders.  Healthy Minds also aims to encourage collaboration among biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and public-sector partners to accelerate the discovery of new therapeutic solutions for brain disease.

“Brain disorders are one of the most challenging areas of scientific research,” said Sheri McCoy, Vice Chairman, Executive Committee, Johnson & Johnson.  “Despite great progress in advancing new treatments, the brain remains a medical mystery and millions of people continue to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, neurologic conditions, and many other debilitating and life threatening brain diseases.”

“Rapid advances in science and technology over the past decade provide us with an unprecedented opportunity and the tools needed to unlock the secrets of the brain, but the challenge is too great and the data too vast for any one entity to do it alone,” said Husseini K. Manji, M.D., Global Therapeutic Area Head for Neuroscience, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L.L.C.  “A concerted and focused effort, including public-private partnerships, is needed to foster the development of new, transformational medicines and treatment paradigms.  Building on our heritage and capabilities in neuroscience and our culture of networked innovation, we are proud of the Healthy Minds initiative.  We are pleased to support the One Mind for Research efforts to get to the next frontier of neuroscience and support improved health of millions of people who suffer from brain disorders.”
The Healthy Minds initiative builds on Janssen’s longstanding legacy of achievement in advancing neuroscience research.  The company’s work in this area dates back to the 1950s and the discovery and development by Dr. Paul Janssen of one of the first breakthrough treatments for schizophrenia.  Paul Janssen is known as one of the 20th century's most gifted and passionate physicians and pharmaceutical researchers and is the namesake of Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  Since then, Janssen has discovered, developed, and launched many innovative treatments for brain and central nervous system conditions and remained firmly committed to neuroscience.  Janssen commits more than $12 million annually to public and professional education about mental illness and brain disorders, and sponsorships and philanthropy in the field of neuroscience and mental health.  Janssen’s contribution to IMHRO is confirmation of Janssen’s continued commitment in neuroscience research and development.

“Janssen is leading the way with its partnerships in developing scientific and public health solutions in the fight against brain disorders,” said former U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy.  “We are pleased to welcome them as a key private-sector partner in driving forward important R&D and awareness-building initiatives.  This support will lead to a fundamental understanding of the human brain, what causes brain disorders, and how they can be treated and cured.”

"I came to learn about IMHRO when I was working on a film about my father whose untreated schizophrenia caused such pain in our family. As a physician I knew all too well that my story was common and I knew the desperate need for greater research into this illusive disease. When I heard of the ground breaking work the Staglins were doing thru their organization IMHRO, such as research into preventing schizophrenia from ever occuring, I hoped to meet them. When I did I was amazed by their non-stop energy and complete devotion to the cause. But most of all, I was moved by their sincere desire to share ideas with people from all backgrounds and fields. As I continue to create films to inspire empathy for those with mental illness, I remain inspired by the Staglins and what IMHRO has done to transform mental health research and improve lives. "

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