Prevention of Mental Illness: An Idea Whose Time Has Come - Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman

Jeffrey Lieberman, M.D., of Columbia University, explains why prevention must soon be a first-line approach to addressing the problem of mental illness worldwide, and how this approach is now being developed at today's institutions, enabled by early detection and biomarker discovery. If young people at risk for psychosis can be given proper therapy to prevent a psychotic break, their life prospects can be improved. Keynote recorded at IMHRO's Music Festival for Mental Health 2012.

"I came to learn about IMHRO when I was working on a film about my father whose untreated schizophrenia caused such pain in our family. As a physician I knew all too well that my story was common and I knew the desperate need for greater research into this illusive disease. When I heard of the ground breaking work the Staglins were doing thru their organization IMHRO, such as research into preventing schizophrenia from ever occuring, I hoped to meet them. When I did I was amazed by their non-stop energy and complete devotion to the cause. But most of all, I was moved by their sincere desire to share ideas with people from all backgrounds and fields. As I continue to create films to inspire empathy for those with mental illness, I remain inspired by the Staglins and what IMHRO has done to transform mental health research and improve lives. "

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