Rising Star Awards

Identifying and funding critical and cutting edge brain disorders research

Given the challenges of finding therapies for psychiatric disorders, the IMHRO / Johnson & Johnson Rising Star awards aim to encourage the community of neuroscience researchers to direct their efforts toward translational science while supporting the research of emerging leaders in the field.

In 2014 IMHRO in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation offered up to 2 major awards for research related to psychiatric illness.

Chosen by IMHRO's Scientific Advisory Board, the 2014 Rising Star Award winners are:

Translational Research Award

Jean-Martin Beaulieu, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Laval University.

With his award, Dr. Beaulieu aims to develop safer, targeted mood stabilizing drugs by testing, in cell culture and in mice, small molecules that his past research suggests might replicate the therapeutic effect of lithium with minimal side effect. Learn more about the award.


Depression Research Award in Memory of George Largay

Stephanie Dulawa, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at the University of Chicago

Dr. Dulawa intends to use her grant to discover the mechanisms by which a new class of molecule works to rapidly relieve depressive behavior in mice, to reveal targets for the development of fast-onset, safe antidepressant drugs. Learn more about the award.

Each Rising Star recipient will receive $250,000 to fund research for their studies.


About the Awards

Translational Research Award

Awarded for research toward novel therapies for psychiatric illness. Specifically, the program will support translational research on innovative targets — with the potential to advance discovery of therapeutic approaches in the near term.


Depression Research Award in Memory of George Largay

Awarded for research focused specifically on major depression. The program will seek innovative strategies and technologies for elaborating basic mechanisms of psychiatric illness and new approaches to individualized treatment and prevention for those suffering from major depression.

For more information on the Rising Star Research Awards, please contact us.





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